These rules have been established by the Salt Lake City Chapter of the American Sewing Guild as a supplement to the By-laws and Procedures of the national organization.  The intent is to clarify procedures of the Chapter and to facilitate efficient operation of the Chapter Advisory Board (CAB).

  1. The Salt Lake City Chapter encourages community service sewing to benefit the needs of others.
  2. Meetings
    1. Chapter activities will be held a minimum of four times per year, at least six is suggested.  These may include:
      1. Annual meeting/elections in the late Fall (November)
      2. One free event per year
      3. One all day (or longer) retreat per year
      4. Others as arranged by the CAB or Special Events/Education Committee
      5. CAB meetings will be held a minimum of six times per year.  E-mail/virtual meetings can be held when necessary.  Regular meetings shall be scheduled each month on a day and at a location agreed to by CAB members.  Neighborhood group leaders are encouraged to attend, though attendance is not mandatory. Notice and the agenda for all meetings of the CAB will be provided to all CAB members and NG leaders prior to the day of the meeting and the minutes shall be provided to CAB members and NG      leaders within seven days of the meeting.
      6. Non-members may attend two neighborhood group meetings, then must join ASG to continue participating.  However, anyone may attend special events, seminars, and chapter functions at the non-member rate.
      7. It is expected that all CAB members attend Chapter events unless excused for the following reasons:  illness (family, self), out of town, or prior commitment.
  3. Chapter Advisory Board
    1. Elected positions shall be:
      1. President
      2. 1st Vice President     
      3. 2nd Vice President
      4. Secretary
      5. Treasurer
    2. Appointed positions shall be:
      1. Special Events
      2. Education
      3. Membership—the Membership chairperson will also be responsible for sending greeting cards to members if there is a death, illness, etc.  Cards will be sent to members who lose an immediate family member (i.e. parent, spouse, or child) or who are hospitalized or very ill.  Remembrance will be sent to the family of ASG members who pass away.
      4. Newsletter Editor     
      5. Publicity/Website Administrator
      6. Retail Liaison
      7. Neighborhood Group Coordinator
      8. Member Representative
      9. Hospitality
    3. It is understood that the 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents will fill one of the appointed positions listed above, based on their ability and interests.
    4. A person nominated for a board position must have been a Salt Lake City chapter ASG member for at least one year.
    5. The person nominated for the position of President shall have been a member of the Salt Lake City      Chapter ASG CAB for at least one year within the previous three years.
    6. Two positions may be held by one person if appropriate and the person is willing.  Also, two people may share one position, in which case, only one will have a vote on the CAB, however, both shall be free to express opinions and ideas.
    7. In the event a CAB member is unable to fulfill their term of office, another person shall be appointed by the CAB to complete the term.  The time spent to complete another term shall not count toward the four year maximum in any given position. 
    8. Call for a nominating committee shall be published in the June newsletter, call for nominations in the August newsletter and proxy ballots in the October newsletter.
    9. An election for the position of      NG leader will be held annually in each neighborhood group in      November or December for the following year.  Elections will be by      secret ballot and the results will be reported to the NG Coordinator      and/or the Chapter President.
  4. Chapter Finances
    1. All chapter income, regardless of source, is available for general use unless solicited and earmarked for a specific purpose.
    2. A budget shall be prepared by the President and the Treasurer and presented to the CAB for approval by the February CAB meeting each year.
    3. Any expenses in excess of $25 must have prior approval by the President or her representative. Items already included in an approved budget are excluded from this approval.
    4. Receipts are required for reimbursement for any expenses incurred.  The reimbursement form with receipt must be turned into the Treasurer within a reasonable amount of time.  Upon receipt of the form, payment will be made within 30 days.  
    5. Travel expenses to ASG Conference shall be covered for the President (or other representative selected by the CAB) up to the budgeted amount as follows:  transportation including airfare and cost of shuttle (as recommended by ASG) to and from conference venue, lodging at one half of ASG group rate per night, and conference fees.  Optional tours, workshops and extended hotel stay will not be covered.
    6. Cancellation policy for paid chapter events:  A full refund will be given up to the final day of registration. After the registration deadline, the fee is not refundable but is transferable to someone else for that event. If the chapter has to cancel an event, a full refund will be given to all paid registrants.
    7. The Treasurer’s Report will be available for review at the annual meeting in November.
    8. The goal of the Salt Lake City Chapter ASG is to keep event prices low to reach more people.  Fees for events will be determined by the CAB based on estimated costs and attendance at events.
  5. Newsletter
    1. The newsletter will be published bi-monthly.  The newsletter editor must receive all items for the newsletter by the 15th of the month in January, March, May, July, September, and November.
    2. Membership directory will be made available to  the membership periodically.  Members will be given the opportunity to opt out from this listing.  This information is for Chapter use only and is not to be shared or sold.
    3. The newsletter will be sent to all members by the first of the month in February, April, June, August, October, and December in order to give members ample time to plan for events.
  6. Advertising
    1. Rates are subject to change.
    2. All newsletter advertising must be paid for before publication
    3. Each member may submit one classified ad annually at no charge.  A classified ad is written only—no pictures.
  7. Criminal acts against the chapter committed by any member of the Salt Lake Chapter or non-member attending a Guild activity will be reported and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  8. These standing rules are to be reviewed by the Chapter Advisory Board during the first quarter of each year.  They may be amended at any time by a majority vote at the CAB meeting following the first presentation of such amendments.

Revised February, 2022